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Building Wealth In First Nations Communities

Lease Negotiations

When a developer approaches you about leasing your property or renegotiating your lease, it is probable that he has already done his homework.  In many cases, aboriginal land holders are not as well prepared when entering into a lease negotiation.  Reserve Management Inc. can provide the knowledge and experience needed to conclude a deal that will give the aboriginal land owner a fair return. 

Property Management

Good property management is the key to building wealth from existing rental properties.  Reserve Management Inc. can either manage your property for you, and free you up for more important pursuits, or provide you with the information, systems and tools you need to manager your property yourself.

Real Estate Investment Analysis

For entrepreneurs considering a real estate development, real estate investment analysis is the key to turning an unknown risk into a calculated risk.  The objective of real estate investment analysis is to inform the investor of the potential risks and rewards associated with an investment before a commitment is made.  Successful investors take risks, but they take calculated risks - they don't wing it and they understand both the best case and worst case scenario before committing to a project.  Reserve Management Inc. can analyze your project and advise you on the probable risks and rewards that you can expect from a proposed investment under different scenarios, including different financing scenarios. 

Business Planning

Much like a real estate investment, a business project involves the investment of time and resources in an enterprise based on the assumption that there will be a reward to the investor and that the level of risk is acceptable or it can be managed.   The key to success as an entrepreneur is fully understanding both the level of risk associated with the proposed investment and the potential rewards from that investment.  Reserve Management Inc. can analyze your project, were other existing or proposed, and advise you on the probable risks and rewards that you can expect from future operations under different scenarios, including different financing scenarios.  If a project appears viable, Reserve Management Inc. can assist you with developing your business plan, obtaining financing and implementing the plan.

Community And Economic Development

For Aboriginal communities looking to move forward, creating a vision of the future is a critical first step.  A community developed vision of its future is the foundation for detailed plans and strategies for making the vision become a reality.  Reserve Management Inc. can guide your community through the process of creating a realistic vision for the future and the development of detailed plans and strategies for bringing your community's vision to life.

Local Services Agreements And Municipal Sewer And Water Servicing Agreements

Community and economic development in any Aboriginal community depends on the quantity and quality of services available.  Water and sewer services are particularly important.  In many Aboriginal communities, the most affordable option for obtaining water and sewer services is to contract with a neighboring municipality or regional district.  Reserve Management Inc. can assist Aboriginal communities with the research and negotiating skills necessary to concluding servicing agreements that will facilitate on-reserve community and economic development and promote a cooperative working relationship with the service provider.

Organizational Development

A community's strategy for realizing its vision of the future must include the creation of a committed, efficient and professional organization to carry out its direction.  The best laid plans will fall by the wayside without a strong, capable organization to implement them.  Reserve Management Inc. can assist Aboriginal communities with the development of organizational structures, policies and procedures and bylaws that will make their organization more focused and responsive to the wishes of the community.

Claims, Negotiation And Litigation Research And Support

Success in any litigation or negotiation depends in large part on the quality of the homework done in preparation.  Many such efforts require the collection and analysis of large amounts of data from various sources.  If you or your community is involved in a sensitive negotiation or litigation, Reserve Management Inc. can assist by doing your homework for you.  Reserve Management Inc. has been instrumental in assisting its clients to resolve longstanding issues through thorough and well organized research. 

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