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Building Wealth In First Nations Communities

Our Mission

Formed in 1997, Reserve Management Inc. is an aboriginal owned company established to build wealth in Aboriginal communities through real estate and economic development projects that are sustainable and socially and environmentally responsible.

Our Philosophy

Aboriginal people, as individuals and as communities, must strive for economic prosperity.  Future generations of Aboriginal peoples will face significant challenges if they are born into poverty.

As individuals and as communities, Aboriginal peoples should view wealth creation as a priority.  It is as important as language and culture and should be encouraged and rewarded.  The future of aboriginal peoples depends on it.

But in building wealth, aboriginal peoples must be socially responsible.  They must always take care to protect the earth and make sure that their communities will always be places where Aboriginal people will love to live.

Wealth does not equal money.  While money is important, it cannot come at the expense of quality of life and is only one component of our total wealth.  Wealth must be viewed as all of those things that contribute to a peaceful, secure and enjoyable life.  In evaluating any project, the most important question we must ask ourselves is "Will it improve our quality of life and will it make our community stronger?"

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